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Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, 2011 (Act No. 8 of 2011)

9. Proceedings on behalf of bodies corporate



1) An owner may initiate proceedings on behalf of the body corporate in the manner prescribed in this section
a) when such owner is of the opinion that he or she and the body corporate have suffered damages or loss or have been deprived of any benefit in respect of a matter mentioned in section 2(7), and the body corporate has not instituted proceedings for the recovery of such damages, loss or benefit; or
b) when the body corporate does not take steps against an owner who does not comply with the rules.


a) Any such owner must serve a written notice on the body corporate calling on the body corporate to institute such proceedings within one month from the date of service of the notice, and stating that if the body corporate fails to do so, an application to the Court under paragraph (b) will be made.
b) If the body corporate fails to institute the proceedings within the period referred to in paragraph (a), the owner may make application to the Court for an order appointing a curator ad litem for the body corporate for the purpose of instituting and conducting proceedings on behalf of the body corporate.


3) The Court may on such application, if it is satisfied—
a) that the body corporate has not instituted such proceedings;
b) that there are prima facie grounds for such proceedings; and
c) that an investigation into such grounds and into the desirability of the institution of such proceedings is justified,

appoint a provisional curator ad litem and direct him or her to conduct an investigation into the matter and to report to the Court on the return day of the provisional order.


4) The Court may on the return day discharge the provisional order referred to in subsection (3), or confirm the appointment of the curator ad litem for the body corporate, and issue such directions as it may consider necessary to the institution of proceedings in the name of the body corporate and the conduct of such proceedings on behalf of the body corporate by the curator ad litem.


5) A provisional curator ad litem appointed by the Court under subsection (3) or a curator ad litem whose appointment is confirmed by the Court under subsection (4), has such powers as may be prescribed, in addition to the powers expressly granted by the Court in connection with the investigation, proceedings and enforcement of a judgment.


6) If the disclosure of any information about the affairs of a body corporate to a provisional curator ad litem or a curator ad litem would in the opinion of the body corporate be harmful to the interests of the body corporate, the Court may on an application for relief by that body corporate, and if it is satisfied that the said information is not relevant to the investigation, grant such relief.


7) The Court may, if it appears that there is reason to believe that an applicant in respect of an application under subsection (2) will be unable to pay the costs of the respondent body corporate if successful in its opposition, require sufficient security to be given for those costs and the costs of the provisional curator ad litem before a provisional order is made.