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Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No. 2 of 2010)

Chapter 3

Part 1 : Measures to Ensure Safety and Security at Events

19. Event ticketing


(1) Subject to the rules of a controlling body
(a) the event organiser; or
(b) a stadium or venue owner,

as the case may be, may require persons to purchase the event ticket that entitles the person holding it to attend the event on the day and at the time indicated on the ticket.


(2) If event tickets are sold as contemplated in subsection (1), access to a stadium or venue may only be gained by—
(a) producing a valid event ticket issued by the event organiser, a stadium or venue owner or an authorised agent; or
(b) producing written permission of the event organiser or a stadium or venue owner.


(3) The total number of event tickets made available to spectators for the event in terms of this section, including the written permission referred to in subsection (2)(b), must not exceed the safe spectator capacity of a stadium or venue determined by a local authority for hosting the event.


(4) The National Commissioner may, in the prescribed manner, prohibit the sale of event tickets at a stadium or venue on the day of the event.


(5) If the sale of event tickets is permitted on the day of a high-risk event, such sale must be conducted at least one kilometre from a stadium or venue or at a location determined by the event safety and security planning committee.


(6) The Minister of Police may prescribe any matter relating to event ticketing necessary to ensure safety and security at events.


(7) An event ticket must at a minimum contain information relating to the—
(a) name of the area where the event will be hosted including the name of the stadium or venue;
(b) nature of the event;
(c) date, day and time of the event;
(d) layout plan of the stadium or venue with block or sector spectator orientation information; and
(e) conditions of entry to the event.