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Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No. 2 of 2010)

Chapter 3

Part 1 : Measures to Ensure Safety and Security at Events

17. Venue operations centre


(1) The VOC at an event is where the entire safety and security operation at a stadium, venue or along a route is coordinated.



(a) Where the event is categorised as either medium-risk or high-risk and is held—
(i) at a stadium or venue, the stadium or venue owner; or
(ii) along a route, the event organiser,

must establish the prescribed VOC.

(i) on written application by the event organiser or the stadium or venue owner; or
(ii) of its own accord,

approve the use of an alternative, temporary or mobile VOC for the event or decide that a VOC is not necessary for the event.



(a) The authorised member must determine which of the following role-players or representatives of such role-players are to staff a VOC for the duration of the event:
(i) Police officials;
(ii) the disaster management services;
(iii) the private emergency medical services;
(iv) the fire department;
(v) the national or provincial health department or a member of the health department of the relevant local authority;
(vi) the local authority and provincial traffic department;
(vii) the private security service providers;
(viii) the controlling body;
(ix) the event organiser;
(x) the stadium or venue owner;
(xi) the safety officer;
(xii) volunteers;
(xiii) any person whom the event safety and security planning committee designates; and
(xiv) any person whom the VOC commander authorises in writing.
(b) The authorised member must act as VOC commander or designate a suitably qualified police official, suitably qualified and experienced in event policing matters, with at least the rank of Captain as VOC commander.


(4) The VOC commander must—
(a) ensure that a written VOC contingency and operational plan is prepared by the event safety and security planning committee;
(b) ensure that a plan for the event categorised as high-risk is approved by the National Commissioner in writing; and
(c) distribute a copy of such plan at least 30 days before the commencement of the event to the persons contemplated in subsection (3)( a) or such lesser period as the authorised member or VOC commander may in writing agree to.