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Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No. 2 of 2010)

Chapter 2 : Ensuring Responsibility for Safety and Security at Events

10. Certificate in respect of alteration of or extension to stadium or venue


(1) Where a safety certificate has been issued in terms of section 8 or 9, and a stadium or venue owner wishes to alter or extend as prescribed—
(a) an existing stadium or venue;
(b) the design of a planned stadium or venue; or
(c) a stadium or venue under construction,

the stadium or venue owner must,  before the commencement of the proposed alteration or extension, apply in the prescribed manner to a local authority within whose jurisdiction the stadium or venue is situated for written approval of the proposed alteration or extension.


(2) In deciding on the application contemplated in subsection (1) the local authority must take into account—
(a) the certified safe capacity of a stadium or venue;
(b) the spectator grandstand or multi-tiered seating design of a stadium or venue;
(c) the spectator turnstiles of a stadium;
(d) the emergency exits, access routes or gates inside a stadium or venue or within its precincts;
(e) the physical spectator barricading inside a stadium and within its precinct;
(f) the traffic management design and impact plan;
(g) whether the proposed alteration or extension is likely to affect the safety and security of persons at the stadium or venue; or
(h) the duration of the proposed building operations in order to give effect to the proposed alteration or extension.


(3) Where a holder of a safety certificate contemplated in section 8 intends to alter or extend a stadium or venue by erecting a temporary structure, he or she must apply in the prescribed manner for written approval contemplated in subsection (1).