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Regional Services Councils Act, 1985 (Act No. 109 of 1985)

10A. Committees


(1) A council
(a) may appoint one or more committees to—
(i) perform such functions as the council may assign to it or them under section 11A; and
(ii) investigate and make recommendations on matters relating to any function or any part of a function mentioned in Schedule 2, even though such function or part thereof has not yet in terms of section 3 (1) (b) been identified as a regional function and entrusted to that council;
(b) shall designate a chairman for any such committee, and determine the quorum for meetings of such committee.


(2) The chairman of the council shall be a member ex officio of every committee appointed under subsection (1), and during his absence or when he requests the deputy chairman of the council to act as chairman, the deputy chairman shall be such member, but the chairman or any member of such committee who is not a member of the council shall not have a vote at any meeting of any such committee.


(3) [Sub-s. (3) deleted by s. 10 (c) of Act 49 of 1988].