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Regional Services Councils Act, 1985 (Act No. 109 of 1985)

10. Meetings


(1) The first meeting of a council shall take place at a time and place determined by the Administrator, and thereafter, subject to the provisions of subsection (2), at least 10, or the lesser number of meetings which the Administrator may approve, shall be held per year at a time and place determined by the council or the chairman if authorised thereto by the council.


(2) The chairman may at any time and shall within 14 days after receiving a written request signed by not fewer than six members, call a special meeting of the council.


(3) Notice of a meeting of a council shall be given to the members thereof as prescribed in the standing orders referred to in subsection (6).



(a) Members who together are entitled to two-thirds of the total number of votes contemplated in section 9 (1), shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the council.
(b) If the number of members present at the time and place determined for a meeting for the consideration of any matter is on two consecutive occasions less than the required number contemplated in paragraph (a), a meeting of the council shall be held within seven days after the second such occasion after not less than three days' written notice has been given to members, and at that meeting members who are entitled to one half of the total number of votes contemplated in section 9 (1) shall form a quorum.
(c) If a quorum as contemplated in paragraph (b) cannot be formed or if the council cannot come to a decision, the matter for the consideration of which the meeting was called, shall be referred by the chairman to the Administrator for his decision, which decision shall be taken within fourteen days and thereupon be carried out by the council.


(5) The chairman may allow any person or institution which in his opinion has an interest in the functions of the council to nominate a person to attend the proceedings of the council or any committee thereof and to take part in such discussions of the council or the committee concerned as in the opinion of the chairman relate to the interests of the person or institution in question, but such a nominee may not vote in respect of any decision.



(a) Subject to the provisions of this Act, a council may approve standing orders for the regulation of its proceedings and of all other matters relating to the management, powers and duties of the council.
(b) Any standing orders may provide—
(i) for the manner in which committees referred to in sections 10A and 10B may vote notwithstanding the provisions of section 9;
(ii) that any person contravening a provision of the standing orders shall be guilty of an offence and on conviction liable to a fine not exceeding R500 or in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months.