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Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (Act No. 4 of 2013)

Chapter 5 : Supervision

Part A : Information Regulator

48. Powers, duties and functions of chief executive officer



The chief executive officer—

(a) is the head of administration and the accounting officer, as referred to in section 52(3), of the Regulator;
(b) may appoint a senior member of staff as acting chief executive officer as referred to in section 47(2);
(c) is responsible for the—
(i) management of the affairs and operations of the Regulator;
(ii) formation and development of an efficient administration;
(iii) organisation and management of, and administrative control over, all the members of staff appointed in terms of section 47(1)(b) and all the persons seconded in terms of section 47(6);
(iv) maintenance of discipline in respect of the members of staff; and
(v) execution of the decisions of the Regulator,

and is for those purposes accountable to the Regulator and must report thereon to the Regulator as often as may be required by the Regulator; and

(d) must exercise the powers and perform the duties and functions which the Regulator may from time to time confer upon or assign to him or her in order to achieve the objects of the Regulator, and is for those purposes accountable to the Regulator.