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Plant Breeders' Rights Act, 1976 (Act No. 15 of 1976)


Regulations relating to Plant Breeders' Rights

18. Recognition of agents


(1) The registrar may recognise a person as an agent if he or she is satisfied that such person—
(a) is of good standing; and
(b) has suitable qualifications and adequate experience;

and is therefore able to represent a person applying for the grant of a plant breeder's right or the holder of such right and to further the interests of such person or holder.


(2) A notice in connection with the designation or substitution of an agent shall—
(a) be furnished by a person who has applied for the grant of a plant breeder's right or by the holder of such right;
(b) be submitted to the registrar on a form which is obtainable from the offices of the registrar in Pretoria for this purpose; and
(c) be submitted within 30 days from the date on which such designation or substitution has come into effect.