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National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998 (Act No. 110 of 1998)

Fitness Industry Regulations, 2009

21. Dispute resolution and appeals


1) Any dispute arising from any matter pertaining to these Regulations must be dealt with in accordance with section 13 of the Act.


2) Any person who is aggrieved by a decision or, where applicable, the terms and conditions attributable to such a decision, taken in terms of these Regulations may, within a period of seven (7) days after service of the notification of the relevant decision, appeal to the SRSA;


3) In addition to the provisions contained in sub-regulation 1, SRSA may also:
a) hear and decide on any dispute arising in terms of these Regulations as contemplated in terms of section 13 of the National Sport and Recreation Act as referred to above;
b) confirm or set aside any sanction imposed in terms of these Regulations;
c) may in the place of any sanction so set aside, impose any sanction which in its opinion should and could lawfully have been imposed.


4) Any person lodging an appeal or referring a dispute to SRSA as contemplated in these Regulations, shall do so, in writing, within the time frames provided for in terms of these Regulations and the grounds of appeal or background details surrounding the referred dispute must set out fully and clearly the grounds of appeal or basis of the referred dispute, as well as any legal representations and arguments which the appellant or person referring the dispute believes may be relevant to the matter.


5) Any party involved in the prosecution of an appeal or hearing of a dispute, shall be entitled to be represented by a person of his or her own choice.


6) The normal generally accepted rules and procedures of administrative law and natural justice shall apply to the prosecution of appeals or the hearing of disputes as contemplated in these Regulations.