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National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998 (Act No. 110 of 1998)

Fitness Industry Regulations, 2009

10. Disciplinary action against fitness professionals and owners/managers


1) Of its own initiative or by submission from any person, the Fitness Board may convene a disciplinary panel to consider the conduct of a registered fitness professional and/or an owner/manager: Provided that in the event of a complaint by a person–
a) the submission to the Fitness Board must be in writing within a time frame of thirty (30) days after the cause of the complaint has arisen;
b) such a person must confirm his/her willingness in writing to-
i) testify at the said disciplinary hearing, if necessary;
ii) submit any supporting evidence to the Fitness Board in order to substantiate the said complaint; and
iii) identify other persons that can assist in the corroboration of the said complaint.


2) If the Fitness Board is of the opinion that a fitness professional and/or an owner/manager has contravened the code of conduct for a fitness professional and/or an owner/manager, the Fitness Board may impose an appropriate sanction, which may include the following amongst others–
a) a written warning to the fitness professional and/or an owner/manager;
b) a fine not exceeding R10 000 payable by the said fitness professional and/ or owner/manager;
c) in the case of a fitness professional–
i) a suspension from the fitness professional register for a period of time as specified by the Fitness Board in writing;
ii) the removal of such a fitness professional from the fitness professional register;
d) in the case of an owner/manager of a fitness establishment-
i) a suspension of such owner/manager from the fitness establishment for a period of time as specified by the Fitness Board in writing; or
ii) a notification to such owner/manager in writing of any decision taken by the Fitness Board in terms of regulation 17.