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National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998 (Act No. 110 of 1998)

4. Determination of sport and recreation policy


1) The Minister may, after consultation with or after consideration of proposals made by the Sports Confederation in so far as high performance sport is concerned, from time to time, determine the general policy to be pursued with regard to sport and recreation.


2) The policy determined by the Minister may, among others, relate to the following–
a) Confirming the roles and responsibilities amongst the various role-players in sport and recreation to ensure that all efforts are co-ordinated in an efficient manner;
b) providing funds annually for the creation and upgrading of basic multi purpose sport and recreation facilities subject to the provisions of section 10 and according to priorities as determined, from time to time, by Sport and Recreation South Africa in consultation with provincial and local government and relevant sport or recreation bodies;
c) maintaining the focus on the administration of sport and recreation, as well as the development of a volunteer corps, to assist in the implementation of the various mass participation programmes;
d) enhancing health consciousness by means of themed programmes aimed at specific interest groups in the society;
e) identifying latent talent for sport;
f) investing in the preparation of sport participants who are elected to represent the Republic in major competitions;
g) helping in cementing the sports unification process; and
h) instituting necessary affirmative action controls which will ensure that national teams reflect all parties involved in the process.


3) The policy as determined by the Minister binds all sport or recreation bodies.