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National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998 (Act No. 110 of 1998)

1. Definitions


In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates–

"high performance sport"

means the high level participation in major international sporting events including but not limited to world championships and other international multi-sport events such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Paralympic Games and All Africa Games;



means the Minister responsible for Sport and Recreation in South Africa;


"National Coaching and Accreditation Institute"

means the institute referred to in section 7(1)(f);


"national federation"

means a national governing body of a code of sport or recreational activity in the Republic recognized by the relevant international controlling body as the only authority for the administration and control of the relative code of sport or recreational activity in the Republic;



means prescribe by regulation;


"recreation service"

means a recreation service whose primary business is to present recreation services;



means a regulation made in terms of section 14;


"Sport and Recreation South Africa"

means the National Department of Sport and Recreation;


"sport or recreation body"

means any national federation, agency or body, including a trust or registered company of such a national federation, agency or body, involved in the administration of sport or recreation at National level;


"Sports Confederation"

means the Confederation recognized by the Minister in terms of section 2 which is representative of sport or recreation bodies including Olympic national federations;


"this Act"

includes any regulation;