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National Energy Regulator Act, 2004 (Act No. 40 of 2004)

Chapter II : National Energy Regulator

11. Personnel of Energy Regulator



(1) Subject to the directions of the Energy Regulator, the chief executive officer is also responsible for—
(a) the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Energy Regulator;
(b) the appointment of other employees and contracting with persons to assist the  Energy Regulator in the performance of its functions; and
(c) administrative control over the employees of the Energy Regulator.


(2) The Energy Regulator must, on the recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer, from time to time determine the personnel and other resources to be made available to the full-time members contemplated in section 5(4).


(3) The employees of the Energy Regulator must be paid such remuneration, allowances, subsidies and other benefits as the Energy Regulator may determine with the approval of the Minister and the Minister of Finance.


(4) Despite subsection (1)(b), the Minister may, where he or she determines a need exists, instruct the Energy Regulator to make use of persons employed by or contracted to the Department or another licensing or regulatory authority falling under the Minister’s jurisdiction.


(5) Section 9 applies to every member of the personnel of the Energy Regulator, with the changes required by the context.