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National Energy Act, 2008 (Act No. 34 of 2008)

Chapter 3 : Integrated Energy Planning

6. Integrated energy planning


1) The Minister must develop and. on an annual basis, review and publish the Integrated Energy Plan in the Gazette.


2) The Integrated Energy Plan must deal with issues relating to the supply, transformation, transport, storage of and demand for energy in a way that accounts for—
a) security of supply;
b) economically available energy resources:
c) affordability;
d) universal accessibility and free basic electricity;
e) social equity;
f) employment;
g) the environment;
h) international commitments;
i) consumer protection; and
j) contribution of energy supply to socio-economic development.


3) The Integrated Energy Plan must—
a) take account of plans relating to transport, electricity, petroleum, water, trade, macro-economy energy infrastructure development, housing, air quality management, greenhouse gas mitigation within the energy sector and integrated development plans of local and provincial authorities:
b) inform and be informed by plans from all supply, production and demand sectors whose plans impact on or are impacted by the Integrated Energy Plan; and
c) be based on the results of the energy analysis envisaged in sections 3(4)(a) and 3(5).


4) The development of the Integrated Energy Plan must take into account—
a) sustainable development;
b) optimal use of indigenous and regional energy resources:
c) balance between supply and demand;
d) economic viability;
e) environmental, health, safety and socio-economic impacts; and
f) developmental requirements of the Southern African region.


5) The Integrated Energy Plan must have a planning horizon of no less than 20 years.


6) The Integrated Energy Plan must—
a) serve as a guide for energy infrastructure investments;
b) take into account all viable energy supply options; and
c) guide the selection of the appropriate technology to meet energy demand.


7) Before finalising the Integrated Energy Plan, the Minister must—
a) invite public comments; and
b) duly consider such comments.