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National Advisory Council on Innovation Act, 1997 (Act No. 55 of 1997)

6. Criteria for membership of NACI



(1) The members of NACI, other than the chief executive oficer and the officer of the Department of Trade and Industry, shall all be persons who have—
(a) achieved distinction in any field of science and technology in their own right or in the context of innovation;
(b) special knowledge or experience in relation to the management of science and technology, or innovation;
(c) special insight into the role and contribution of innovation in promoting and achieving national and provincial objectives; or
(d) special knowledge and experience of the functioning of the national system of innovation within which the science and technology system operates, the science and technology system, or any other aspect of NACI’S domain of responsibility.


(2) NACI shall be broadly representative of all sectors and be constituted in a manner that will ensure a spread of expertise and experience regarding—
(a) national and provincial interests;
(b) scientific and technological disciplines;
(c) innovation;
(d) the needs and opportunities in different socio-economic fields; and
(e) research and development in all sectors.