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National Advisory Council on Innovation Act, 1997 (Act No. 55 of 1997)

4. Functions of NACI



(1) In order to achieve the objects referred to in section 3, NACI may, or shall on request of the Minister, advise on—
(a) the co-ordination and stimulation of the national system of innovation;
(b) the promotion of co-operation within the national system of innovation;
(c) the development and maintenance of human resources for innovation through selective support for education, training and research and development in the higher education sector and at science councils, science and technology institutions and private institutions;
(d) strategies for the promotion of technology innovation, development, acquisition, transfer and implementation in all sectors;
(e) international liaison and co-operation in the fields of science, technology and innovation;
(f) the co-ordination of science and technology policy and strategies with policies and strategies in other environments;
(g) the structuring, governance and co-ordination of the science and technology system;
(h) the identification of research and development priorities in consultation with provincial departments and interested parties, and their incorporation in the process of government funding of research and development;
(i) the funding of the science and technology system in respect of its contribution to innovation, including—
(i) a framework for national and government expenditure on research and development;
(ii) the building and maintenance of science and technology capacity by way of the selective funding of training and research and development:
(iii) the distribution of funds allocated to science councils;
(iv) the funding of research and development in all sectors;
(v) the funding of national facilities utilised for research;
(j) the establishment, phasing out. rationalisation, and management of—
(k) the promotion of mathematics, the natural sciences and technology in the education sector in consultation with the Minister of Education and the Minister of Labour;
(l) strategies for—
(i) the promotion of the dissemination and accessibility of scientific knowledge and technology; and
(ii) the promotion of the public understanding of science and technology and their supportive role in innovation for development and progress;
(m) the establishment and maintenance of information systems to support—
(i) the monitoring and evaluation of the overall management and functioning of the science and technology system and the national system of innovation: and
(ii) the continuous revision of science and technology policy to address changing and new circumstances;
(n) developments in the fields of science. technology and innovation which might require new legislation;
(o) any other matter relating to science. mathematics. innovation and technology, including indigenous technologies, which the Minister may refer to NACI, or in respect of which NACI may deem it necessary to advise the Minister.


(2) The chairperson of NACI shall have direct access to the Minister and members of the Ministers Committee to submit and discuss any report of NACI, any minutes of a meeting of NACI or any other matter relating to the functioning of NACI.