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Marriage Act, 1961 (Act No. 25 of 1961)



1. Definitions

2. Ex officio marriage officers and designation of persons in service of State as marriage officers

3. Designation of ministers of religion and other persons attached to churches as marriage officers

4. How designation as marriage officer to be made

5. Marriage officers under laws repealed by this Act

6. Certain persons may in certain circumstances be deemed to have been marriage officers

7. Effect of designation of certain ministers of religion as marriage officers

8. Change of name of religious denominations or organizations and amalgamation of religious denominations or organizations

9. Revocation of designation as, or authority of, marriage officer and limitation of authority of marriage officer

10. Solemnization of marriages in country outside of the Union

11. Unauthorized solemnization of marriage ceremonies forbidden

12. Prohibition of solemnization of marriage without production of identity document or prescribed declaration

13. Application for publication and acceptance of banns

14. How publications of banns of marriage to be made

15. Certificate of publication of banns

16. Banns and notice of intension to marry published outside the Union

17. Notice of intention to marry

18. Certificate of publication of notice of intention to marry

19. Special marriage licence

20. By which marriage officer marriage may be solemnized

21. Period of validity of banns, notice of intention to marry and special marriage licence

22. Irregularities in publication of banns or notice of intention to marry or in the issue of special marriage licence

23. Objections to marriage

24. Marriage of minors

24A. Consequences and dissolution of marriage for want of consent of parents or guardian

25. When consent of parents or guardian of minor cannot be obtained

26. Prohibition of marriage of persons under certain age

27. Proof of age of parties to proposed marriage

28. Marriage between person and relatives of his or her deceased or divorced spouse

29. Time and place for and presence of parties and witnesses at solemnization of marriage and validation of certain marriages

29A. Registration of marriages

30. Marriage formula

31. Certain marriage officers may refuse to solemnize certain marriages

32. Fees payable to the marriage officers

33. Blessing of a marriage

34. Religious rules and regulations

35. Penalties for solemnizing marriage contrary to the provisions of this Act

36. Penalties for false representations or statements

37. Offences committed outside the Union

38. Regulations

38A. Administration of certain other laws in respect of any Bantu

39. Repeal of laws and savings

39A. Application of Act to the territory of South-West Africa, and repeal of laws of that territory

40. Short title and commencement