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Marine Pollution (Control and Civil Liability) Act, 1981 (Act No. 6 of 1981)



1. Definitions

2. Discharge of oil prohibited

3. Reporting of discharge and damage causing discharge or likelihood of discharge

4. Powers of Authority to take steps to prevent pollution of the sea where harmful substance is being or is likely to be discharged

5. Prevention or removal of pollution of the sea by harmful substances

6. Moving of ship or tanker from certain area

7. Inspection of ship or tanker and of records, and taking of samples of harmful substances

8. Right of entry upon land

9. Liability for loss, damage or costs caused by discharge of oil

10. Limitation of liability

11. Exemption in respect of warships or tankers used in the service of a state

12. Applications to court

13. [Repealed] Compulsory insurance against liability for loss, damage or costs

14. [Repealed] Issue of certificate by Authority

15. [Repealed] Proceedings against insurers

16. Depositing of amount or furnishing of guarantee by owner of ship, tanker or offshore installation in respect of certain costs

17. Refund of excess costs paid by owner

18. Ratification by Minister of certain expenses

19. Detention of ships pending payment of costs for which owner is liable

20. Jurisdiction of courts

21. Authority's permission required for transfer of certain harmful substances or for certain other acts in respect of ships or tankers

22. Powers of Authority in case of default by master or owner

23. Salvor not to be prejudiced

24. Pollution safety certificate required for operation of offshore installation

25. Exemptions by Minister

26. Income and expenditure

27. Sundry powers

28. Regulations

29. Delegation of powers

30. Offences and penalties

30A. Application of Act to Prince Edward Islands

31. Repeal of laws, and savings

32. Short title and commencement