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Legal Metrology Act, 2014 (Act No. 9 of 2014)


Legal Metrology Regulations, 2017

Part XI : Measuring instruments and containers used for prescribed purposes

88. Weights for fine measurement


(1) Except as otherwise provided in this regulation any weight for fine measurement—
(a) must be made of brass or of another corrosion resistant and non-magnetic metal or alloy specified in regulation 87(1)(m), other than iron, or if of a value of 500 mg or less may be made of aluminium or aluminium alloy;
(b) having nominal values of 1 g up to 20 kg must either conform to the specifications prescribed in subregulation (4) or must be of generally cylindrical shape having a height not more than one and one half of the mean diameter or be flat and circular in shape, with button handles or other suitably shaped handles;
(c) having nominal values of 500 mg or less must be constructed—
(i) of wire shaped into one, two or five sections to indicate the numerical values, of 1 x 10n, 2 x 10n or 5 x 10n respectively; or
(ii) of flat plate, and having one edge or corner turned up;
(d) must conform to the requirements of regulation 87(1)(f) in all other applicable respects;
(e) must, except where the small size of a weight makes it impossible, have the inscription of their denominations lightly engraved, embossed or stamped on their upper surfaces in the following form:

1 mg; 2 mg; 5 mg; 10 mg; 20 mg; 50 mg; 100 mg; 200 mg, 500 mg; 1 g; 2 g; 5 g; 10 g; 20 g; 50 g; 100 g; 200 g; 500 g; 1 kg; 2 kg; 5 kg; 10 kg or 20 kg.


(2) A weight for fine measurement need not be provided with an adjusting hole, but any weight provided with an adjusting hole must conform to the following requirements:
(a) One hole located in the top or underside of the weight which must be of such design as to permit the ready adjustment of the weight without risk of fracture and such hole must be undercut and plugged with lead sufficiently thick to ensure that it will remain securely in position;
(b) in the case of a weight for fine measurement other than a block weight, such adjusting hole must be centrally positioned;
(c) block weights must have an adjustment cavity formed by the inside of the tubular handle or, if the handle is solid, an adjustment cavity shall be cast within one of the sides of the weight;
(d) lead must not project above the rim of the adjusting hole of any weight;
(e) the adjustment cavity shall be designed to prevent the accumulation of foreign matter or debris, to permit a secure cavity closure and to allow the cavity to be opened for additional adjustments; and
(f) newly manufactured weights must have sufficient lead in the adjustment cavity to ensure that the lead is securely fixed and that at least half of the total volume of the adjusting cavity shall be empty.


(3) The denominations of weights for fine measurement must be in accordance with Table 7 or Table 8 of this regulation.


(4) New weights for fine measurement of denominations of 18 g or 9 g for use with cream test scales must be of cylindrical shape and must have the same dimensions except for height as the 20 g and 10 g weights.


(5) Each weight for fine measurement must be evaluated against the requirements of this Part of the regulations and be tested for accuracy by comparison with an appropriate standard weight by means of a precision balance which has been tested in accordance with the requirements set out in SANS 1697, as amended.


(6) The allowances of error on weights for fine measurement are prescribed in Table V and Table VI, Table of Allowances in the Annexure.


(a) A weight for fine measurement provided with an adjusting hole must have the verification mark placed on the lead in such hole.
(b) A weight for fine measurement not provided with an adjusting hole must have the verification mark placed on the top or bottom surface of the weight except where the small size of the weight makes this impracticable, in which case a certificate must be issued in lieu thereof.







Weights for fine measurement other than metric carat weights.

20 kg

200 g

2 g

20 mg

10 kg

100 g

1 g

10 mg

5 kg

50 g

500 mg

5 mg

2 kg

20 g

200 mg

2 mg

1 kg

10 g

100 mg

1 mg

500 g

5 g

50 mg

and for use with cream test scales only - 18 g and 9 g


Metric carat weights






10 000 CM

200 CM

5 CM

0,1 CM

5 000 CM

100 CM

2 CM

0,05 CM

2 000 CM

50 CM

1 CM

0,02 CM

1 000 CM

20 CM

0,5 CM

0,01 CM

500 CM

10 CM

0,2 CM

0,005 CM