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Legal Metrology Act, 2014 (Act No. 9 of 2014)

Chapter I : Application, Objects and Administration of Act

4. Functions of National Regulator


(1) The National Regulator must—
(a) make  recommendations  to  the Minister  with  regard  to  legal  metrology technical regulations;
(b) administer and maintain legal metrology technical regulations;
(c) carry  out  market  surveillance  through  inspections  in  order  to  monitor compliance with legal metrology technical regulations;
(d) enforce compliance with legal metrology technical regulations;
(e) ensure access to and maintain the equipment required for market surveillance inspection, verification and type approval examination purposes;
(f) approve and verify measuring instruments;
(g) control the repair of measuring instruments;
(h) inform the South African commerce, industry and the public about legal metrology technical regulations;
(i) establish and maintain the necessary expertise at an internationally acceptable level;
(j) participate and represent South Africa at international and regional levels on matters relating to legal metrology;
(k) co-ordinate, interact and manage the international, regional and bilateral interactions with other institutes responsible for legal metrology;
(l) issue certificates that permit instruments or products to be sold or services to be supplied in respect of legal metrology matters; and
(m) provide for compliance schemes and control the use of distinctive marks and verification marks.


(2) The National Regulator may—
(a) establish such specialist consultative committees as may be prescribed, to provide input into the process, to interpret and implement legal metrology technical regulations;
(b) obtain membership of, participate in and develop relationships with regional and international bodies having objects similar to those of the National Regulator;
(c) participate in the International Organisation for Legal Metrology, established by the ‘‘Convention establishing  an International Organisation of Legal Metrology’’ done at Paris  on 12 October  1955, and any  other institute responsible for legal metrology;
(d) enter into agreements with service providers to inspect, examine, test or analyse samples or verify measuring instruments on behalf of the National Regulator;
(e) obtain the cooperation of other organs of state, and enter into agreements with them in respect of legal metrology matters; and
(f) provide calibration services for measurement standards.