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Legal Metrology Act, 2014 (Act No. 9 of 2014)

Chapter VI : Repair of Measuring Instruments

27. Functions of persons responsible for repairs


(1) A person responsible for repairs of any instrument used for a prescribed purpose must be—
(a) employed by a designated repair body; and
(b) registered in terms of section 10.


(2) The Minister may prescribe requirements to restrict a person responsible for repairs from verifying a measuring instrument after he or she has repaired it.


(3) Subject to any prescribed instructions relating to the defacing, obliteration or breaking of any verification mark, a person responsible for repairs—
(a) may not repair any measuring instrument used for any prescribed purpose unless he or she has first permanently obliterated any verification mark, including a mark defaced in terms of section 25(3)(a), on that measuring instrument; and
(b) who has repaired any measuring instrument used for any prescribed purpose must, before further use of that measuring instrument, furnish a guarantee signed by him or her to the user or the owner of that measuring instrument that the measuring instrument is correct and verifiable under this Act, unless that measuring instrument is verified immediately after the repair.


(4) A guarantee issued in terms of subsection (3)(b) is valid for a prescribed period.


(5) A copy of the guarantee contemplated in subsection (3)(b) must be forwarded to the National Regulator in the prescribed manner.


(a) No person may use for any prescribed purpose any measuring instrument that has been repaired, unless that measuring instrument has been verified or a guarantee in writing has in terms of subsection (3)(b) been issued in respect of that measuring instrument.
(b) If a person relies on a guarantee contemplated in paragraph (a), that person must ensure that the measuring instrument is verified before the expiry of the guarantee.


(7) Work carried out on, or an adjustment made to, a measuring instrument that does not constitute a repair, does not invalidate any current verification in respect of that measuring instrument as long as the person who worked on or adjusted the measuring instrument  applies  protective  seals  where  these  have  been  broken  and  issues  a prescribed certificate stating—
(a) the nature of the work done or the adjustment made;
(b) the serial number and date of issue of the current valid verification certificate pertaining to that instrument; and
(c) that the work done or the adjustment made did not affect the metrological integrity of the measuring instrument or invalidate the current verification.