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Landscape Architectural Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 45 of 2000)



Notice No. 1303 of 2000


1. Definitions

2. Establishment of South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession

3. Composition of council

4. Nomination procedure

5. Term of office of members of council

6. Disqualification from membership of council and vacation of office

7. Election of president and vice-president of council

8. Appointment of registrar and staff members of council

9. Decisions of council

10. Administrative powers of council

11. Powers of council with regard to registration

12. Powers of council with regard to fees and charges

13. Powers of council with regard to education in landscape architecture

14. General powers of council

15. Funds of council and keeping and auditing of accounts

16. Reports to CBE

17. Committees of council

18. Categories of registration

19. Registration

20. Cancellation of registration

21. Authorised titles

22. Renewal of registration

23. Return of registration certificate

24. Grievance procedure in relation to registration

25. Recognition of voluntary associations

26. Identification of work

27. Professional conduct

28. Investigation of charge of improper conduct

29. Charge of improper conduct

30. Appointment of disciplinary tribunal

31. Disciplinary hearing

32. Proceedings after hearing

33. Appeal against decision of disciplinary tribunal

34. Professional fees

35. Appeal against certain decisions of council

36. Rules

37. Procedure and evidence for evidential purposes

38. Rectification of errors and exemptions

39. Liability

40. Delegation of powers

41. Offences and penalties

42. Transitional provisions

43. Act binding of State

44. Short title and commencement