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Infrastructure Development Act, 2014 (Act No. 23 of 2014)

Part 2 : Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission and structures of Commission

6. Management Committee



(1)        The Management Committee of the Commission is hereby established.


(2) The Management Committee and its chairperson are appointed by the President and consist of such members of the Council as the President may determine.



(a)        The Management Committee must support the Council to carry out its functions.

(b)        The functions of the Management Committee include—

(i) ensuring that decisions of the Council are given effect to;
(ii) overseeing the functions performed by the Secretariat;
(iii) monitoring the implementation of strategic integrated projects, subject to the guidance and direction of the Council;
(iv) ensuring coordinated regulatory approvals;
(v) considering reports submitted to it by the Secretariat;
(vi) requesting the Secretariat to undertake particular investigations and to provide analyses of and make recommendations on issues relating to the implementation of infrastructure development;
(vii) reviewing reports and making recommendations to the Council to ensure the harmonisation and improvement of implementation actions, policies, and laws relating to infrastructure development and investment in infrastructure;
(viii) taking such decisions as the Council may assign to it; and
(ix) performing any other function of the Council delegated or assigned to it by the Council.


(4)        The Council may determine any matter necessary for the proper functioning of the Management Committee.


(5)        Subject to subsection (4), the Management Committee may determine its own procedures to be followed at its meetings.


(6)        The Management Commission must report regularly to the Council.