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Infrastructure Development Act, 2014 (Act No. 23 of 2014)

Part 6 : General provisions

20. Delegation and assignment



(1) The Minister may delegate or assign any power granted to or duty imposed upon him or her in terms of this Act to an officer in the Department, except the power to make regulations.


(2) A power or duty so delegated or assigned must be exercised or performed in accordance with the directions of the Minister, who may at any time withdraw such delegation.


(3) A delegation or assignment under subsection (1) does not prevent the Minister from exercising the power or performing the duty in question himself or herself.


(a) Subject to paragraph (c), a member of a steering committee may exercise or perform any power or duty on behalf of the organ of state he or she represents, if such power or duty is delegated or assigned to the member of the steering committee by virtue of any law.
(b) The head of an organ of state may, for the purposes of paragraph (a) and in so far as legislation administered by that organ of state does not provide for a delegation or assignment of a power or duty contemplated in that paragraph, delegate or assign the power or duty to the relevant member of the steering committee by virtue of this subsection.
(c) The power to grant an approval, authorisation, licence, permission or exemption may not be delegated in terms of this section.