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Infrastructure Development Act, 2014 (Act No. 23 of 2014)

Part 4 : Implementing structures of Commission

11. Main purposes of steering committees



The main purposes of a steering committee are, for all phases in the implementation and operation of a strategic integrated project

(a) to develop mechanisms to identify and determine the different projects which constitute a strategic integrated project, and submit them for approval by the Secretariat;
(b) to identify ways and means of giving effect, in the most effective, efficient and expeditious manner, to the Commission’s decision to implement a strategic integrated project and in so doing, to ensure the prompt compliance with all applicable laws;
(c) within a period specified by the Minister, to develop and adopt a project plan for approval by the Secretariat for the implementation of the strategic integrated project in the most effective and expeditious manner;
(d) to facilitate and monitor the implementation of the strategic integrated project;
(e) to coordinate the work of all members of the steering committee;
(f) to meet regularly with the SIP Chairperson; and
(g) to serve as a one-stop-shop where any matter relating to the implementation of a strategic integrated project can be resolved.