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Infrastructure Development Act, 2014 (Act No. 23 of 2014)

Part 4 : Implementing structures of Commission

10. Functions of Secretariat



The Secretariat must—

(a) enable and facilitate operations relating to the implementation and long term operation of any strategic integrated project;
(b) coordinate the implementation of any strategic integrated project;
(c) appoint members to a steering committee;
(d) appoint a SIP coordinator to chair the steering committee for a strategic integrated project and to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the strategic integrated project;
(e) ensure that members of a steering committee have the necessary skills and capabilities to properly perform their functions;
(f) issue guidelines relating to the manner in which a steering committee must perform its functions;
(g) drive and direct the work of a steering committee;
(h) interact with and ensure coordinated interaction within steering committees;
(i) ensure the successful finalisation of the work of a steering committee;
(j) manage the implementation of the day to day work of the Commission and regularly report to the Management Committee and to the Council; and
(k) perform such other functions as the Management Committee and the Council may assign to it.