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Independent Police Investigative Directorate Act, 2011 (Act No. 1 of 2011)

Regulations for the operation of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate

2. Reporting of matters to be investigated to Directorate


(1) A Station Commander or any member of the South African Police Service or the Municipal Police Services must, within the period referred to in section 29(1)(b) of the Act, submit a written report to the Directorate regarding any matter listed in section 28(1)(a) to (f) of the Act in a format substantially similar to Form 1.


(2) The report contemplated in sub-regulation (1) must be submitted to a provincial office by fax or electronic mail, and the relevant provincial head must ensure that the Executive Director is notified of such report.


(3) A person contemplated in sub-regulation (1) must, after the submission of the report referred to in sub-regulation (2), keep or retain proof of the submission, including the method of transmission.



(a) The provisions of this regulation do not preclude a member of the public from lodging a complaint, in a format substantially similar to Form 2, with the person contemplated in sub-regulation (1) or the Directorate, either at the national or provincial office, regarding any matter listed in section 28(1)(a) to (g) of the Act.
(b) A person who lodges a complaint in terms of this sub-regulation must do so in writing, by fax or electronic mail and the provisions of sub-regulation (3) apply with such changes as may be required by the context.
(c) A complaint lodged in terms of this sub-regulation may not be rejected merely as a result of the complainant's inability to furnish all of the information required in terms of Form 2.


(5) A complaint lodged with the Directorate at the national office in terms of sub-regulation (4) may be referred by the Executive Director to a relevant provincial office for investigation.