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Independent Police Investigative Directorate Act, 2011 (Act No. 1 of 2011)

Regulations for the operation of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate

15. Reporting


(1) In addition to the provisions of section 32 of the Act, the Executive Director must submit an annual report to the Minister and Parliament in accordance with section 9(j) of the Act.


(2) The report contemplated in sub-regulation (1) must include an overview of—
(a) the administration of the Directorate relating to its overall management and organisation;
(b) the processing, monitoring and investigation of complaints lodged with the Directorate in terms of section 28(1) of the Act;
(c) the management of information and research conducted during the financial year under review; and
(d) statistics of cases dealt with by the Directorate on both national and provincial level, including information on the number and nature of cases carried over to the next financial year,

and may include recommendations relating to the manner in which deficiencies in practices employed by members of the South African Police Service or Municipal Police Services could be addressed.


(3) Despite sub-regulation (1), the Executive Director must, in accordance with section 7(12) of the Act, at any time when requested to do so by the Minister and Parliament, report on the activities of the Directorate.