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Independent Police Investigative Directorate Act, 2011 (Act No. 1 of 2011)

Regulations for the operation of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate

10. Access and control of confidential information and records


(1) All information, whether verbal or in writing, and all documentation acquired during the course of an investigation conducted in terms of the Act and all records pertaining to any such investigation are to be treated as confidential and may not be divulged to any person outside of the Directorate unless authorised to be divulged, in the interests of justice, by—
(a) the Executive Director or relevant provincial head, as the case may be, in writing; or
(b) an Act of Parliament.


(2) All information, documentation and records pertaining to an investigation must be secured at all times in a manner that would effectively prevent access to such information, documentation and records by an unauthorised person.


(3) A member of the Directorate may insist on, and must be granted, access to such confidential information, documentation and records as are reasonably necessary to enable such member to conduct an investigation in terms of the Act, excluding confidential information, documentation and records protected under professional privilege.


(4) Subject to the provisions of section 33(2) of the Act, a member of the Directorate who divulges information, documentation or records or causes such information, documentation or records to be divulged in contravention of sub-regulation (1) or (2) is guilty of misconduct and is subject to the disciplinary measures contemplated in regulation 13.