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Independent Police Investigative Directorate Act, 2011 (Act No. 1 of 2011)

Chapter 2 : National Office

8. Composition of national office


(1) The national office consists of—
(a) the Executive Director who controls the office;
(b) the Corporate Services Unit;
(c) the Investigation and Information Management Unit;
(d) the Legal Services Unit; and
(e) any other unit established, subject to the approval of the Minister and Parliament.


(2) The Executive Director must appoint members at the national office.


(3) A person may not be appointed as a member of the national office unless information with respect to that member has been gathered in an appropriate security screening investigation as prescribed by the Minister.


(4) The security screening investigation contemplated in subsection (3), must be done in conjunction with the National Intelligence Agency, as referred to in section 3 of the Intelligence Services Act, 2002 (Act No. 65 of 2002).


(5) The Executive Director must issue a security clearance certificate in respect of such person wherein it is certified that such person has successfully undergone a security clearance and is appointed as an employee of the Directorate.


(6) Any member of the national directorate may from time to time, or at such regular intervals as the Executive Director may determine, be subjected to a further security screening as contemplated in subsection (3).


(7) The Executive Director, after consultation with the National Intelligence Agency, must withdraw a security clearance certificate referred to in subsection (5) if he or she obtains information which, after evaluation by him or her, causes him or her to believe that the person in question could be a security risk or acted in any manner prejudicial to the objects of this Act.


(8) If the security clearance certificate referred to in subsection (7) is withdrawn, the person concerned is unfit to continue to hold such office and the Executive Director must discharge him or her from the Directorate.