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Part I : Returns


65. [Repealed] Returns and payment to be in form and submitted at place prescribed by Commissioner

66. Notice by Commissioner requiring returns for assessment of normal tax under this Act

67. Registration as taxpayer

67A. [Repealed] Registration of tax practitioners

68. Income and capital gain of married persons and minor children

69.  [Repealed] Duty to furnish returns as to employees, their earnings and other matters

70. [Repealed] Duty of companies to furnish returns

70A. [Repealed] Return of information by Portfolio of Collective Investment Scheme

70B. [Repealed] Return of information in respect of financial instruments administered by portfolio administrators

71. [Repealed] Return of payments in respect of bearer warrants

72. [Repealed] Return as to shareholdings

72A. Return relating to controlled foreign company

73. [Repealed] Duty of persons submitting accounts in support of returns or preparing accounts for other persons

73A. [Repealed] Record keeping by persons who render returns

73B. [Repealed] Record keeping in relation to taxable capital gain or assessed capital loss

73C. [Repealed] Record keeping in relation to declarations for purposes of dividends tax

74. [Repealed] General provisions with regard to information, documents or things

74A. [Repealed] Furnishing of information, documents... by any person

74B. [Repealed] Obtaining of information, documents... at certain premises

74C. [Repealed] Inquiry

74D. [Repealed] Search and seizure

75. [Repealed] Penalty on default

75A. [Repealed] Publication of names of Offenders

75B. [Repealed] Administrative penalty in respect of non-compliance

76. [Repealed] Additional tax in the event of default or omission

76A. [Repealed] Reportable arrangements