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Identification Act, 1997 (Act No. 68 of 1997)

Chapter 5 : General Provisions

22. Regulations



(1) The Minister may make regulations as to—
(a) the issue of duplicate identity cards, temporary identity certificates, or other certificates, the circumstances under, and the conditions subject to, which they may be issued and the fees payable therefor;
(b) the form of and the issue of certificates in respect of particulars contained in the population register or in an identity card, the purposes for which such certificates may be used and the evidential value thereof;
(c) the issuing of instructions and the prescribing of forms by the Director-General which may be necessary for the effective execution of the provisions of this Act,

and in general, as to all matters which, in terms of this Act, are required or permitted to be prescribed or which he or she deems necessary or expedient to prescribe in order that the objects of this Act may be achieved.


(2) Any regulations made under subsection (1) may prescribe penalties of a fine or of imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years for any contravention thereof or failure to comply therewith.


(3) A regulation made under a provision repealed by section 24 and which was in force immediately before the commencement of this Act shall be deemed to have been made under this section.


(4) Any fees which may be prescribed under this Act shall be prescribed by the Minister with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance.