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Housing Development Agency Act, 2008 (Act No. 23 of 2008)


Housing Development Agency Regulations

Chapter 2 : Proceedings and meetings of the Board

3. Notices of meetings


(1) Except as provided in subregulation (3), the Chairperson must give at least seven days' written notice to all members of the Board of any meeting convened at the request of one third of the members of Board.


(2) The notice contemplated in subregulation (1) must—
(a) specify the date and time of the meeting; and
(b) state the general nature of the business of the meeting; and either
(i) state the place of the meeting; or
(ii) specify the means of communication by which the meeting will be held.


(3) The Chairperson must give notice of a meeting—
(a) in writing; and
(b) not less than seven days in advance except in cases of emergency or where all members of the Board agree to accept a short notice.


(4) The Board must, if requested by a member of the Board, allow that member to participate in the meeting in the manner contemplated in regulation 9.


(5) The proceedings of or resolutions passed at a meeting of the Board are not invalid merely because—
(a) the chief executive officer omitted to send a notice to a member of the Board; or
(b) a member did not receive a notice of the meeting.