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Fund-raising Act, 1978 (Act No. 107 of 1978)

Chapter 1 : Collection of Contributions by Fund-raising Organizations, other Organizations and Persons

5. Branches of fund-raising organizations


(1) The Director may, on the application of a fund-raising organization made in the prescribed manner, register a branch of such fund-raising organization and may issue a registration certificate containing the prescribed particulars in respect of such branch.


(2) No branch shall be registered in terms of subsection (1) in respect of any object other than an object in respect of which the fund-raising organization of which it is a branch is in terms of section 4 authorized to collect contributions, or in respect of any area other than the area in respect of which such fund-raising organization has been so authorized.


(3) Subject to the provisions of this Act, any registered branch shall be authorized to collect contributions from the public during the validity of the registration certificate, issued in respect of it in terms of subsection (1), in the area and for the purposes set out in the registration certificate.


(4) A registration certificate issued in terms of subsection (1) shall be kept in custody by the registered branch concerned.


(5) The Director—
(a) shall, at the request of the fund-raising organization concerned or when it is proved to his satisfaction that a registered branch has ceased to be a branch of a particular fund-raising organization;
(b) may, after investigation in the prescribed manner, for any reason on the ground of which an authority granted to a fund-raising organization may be withdrawn, after affording the fund-raising organization and registered branch in question an opportunity of advancing reasons in writing against it,

withdraw the registration certificate of the registered branch in question.


(6) The registration certificate of a branch shall lapse if the authority granted to the fund-raising organization of which it is a branch, lapses.


(7) The registration certificate of a registered branch which has lapsed or has been withdrawn in terms of this Act, shall be returned to the Director by any person in whose possession or under whose control it is, within seven days after such person becomes aware of the lapsing or withdrawal thereof.