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Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (Act No. 37 of 2002)

Chapter VII : Miscellaneous

41. Fees and penalties


(a) The Minister must, after consultation with the registrar, by notice in the Gazette, determine the fees payable to the registrar by any person, or category of persons, seeking a decision or the performance of any other act by the registrar under this Act and referred to in section 3(1).
(b) The fees are payable in the manner, and are subject to the requirements, determined by the registrar by notice on the official web site.

[Section 41(b) amended by section 203 of Act No. 45 of 2013]


(a) A person who fails to furnish the registrar with a return, information or document, as provided by this Act, within the period specified or any extension thereof, is, irrespective of any criminal proceedings instituted against the person under this Act, but subject to paragraph (b), liable to a penalty not exceeding R1 000 or any greater amount prescribed, for every day during which the failure continues, unless the registrar, on good cause shown, waives the penalty or any part thereof.
(b) The penalty may be imposed by the registrar by notice to the person concerned, and such imposition must be preceded by a procedure giving such person a reasonable opportunity to be heard, and takes effect on a date specified in such notice which may be a date prior to the date of the notice.


(a) A person who is liable to pay the fees or a penalty contemplated in subsection (1)(a) or (2)(a), respectively, and who fails to pay the amount due on the date or within the period specified, must pay interest on the amount outstanding and on unpaid interest at such rate, and calculated in such manner as may be determined by the Minister from time to time in respect of debts due to the state.
(b) The fees and penalties, and interest owed in respect thereof, are regarded as debts due to the Board and may be recovered by the Board in a Court.