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Explosives Act, 2003 (Act No. 15 of 2003)

Chapter 3 : Manufacture, dealing, importation, exportation and packaging of explosives

15. Prohibition on use of explosives without permit


(1) No person may use any explosives unless he or she—
(a) in possession of a permit authorising such use, issued by an inspector in the prescribed manner; or
(b) under the immediate and constant supervision of a person who is in possession of such a permit.


(a) The Minister may by regulation or by notice in the Gazette exempt any person or any group of persons from obtaining a permit contemplated in subsection (1) if the exemption relates to the use of fireworks in celebration of a specified religious, cultural or traditional event.
(b) The Minister may limit the fireworks which may be used to any specified class and must specify the period for which the exemption is valid.


(3) No permit may be issued under this section unless the applicant is a suitable person.