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Explosives Act, 2003 (Act No. 15 of 2003)

Chapter 3 : Manufacture, dealing, importation, exportation and packaging of explosives

14. Manufacturing of explosives


(1) Subject to subsection (4), no person may manufacture, either wholly or in part, any authorised explosives in or on any premises other than an explosives manufacturing site.


(a) No person may manufacture any unauthorised explosives unless they are manufactured for the purposes of research or development and in such quantities and under such conditions as the Chief Inspector permits in writing.
(b) No unauthorised explosives manufactured in terms of paragraph (a) may be sold.


(3) Unless it is done on a licensed explosives manufacturing site, no person may–
(a) divide any explosives into their components, otherwise break down any explosives or remove any identification mark from any explosives;
(b) make any unserviceable explosives fit for use; or
(c) remake or rework any explosives.


(4) The Chief Inspector may grant written permission, subject to applicable regulations and any conditions imposed by him or her in writing, to any person applying therefor in writing, to manufacture explosives–
(a) on any premises where explosives are manufactured for testing;
(b) on any premises where such explosives as may be prescribed are prepared for immediate use;
(c) at any tertiary educational institution for the purposes of training or instruction; or
(d) in any laboratory or testing facility registered with the Chief Inspector.