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Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, 2019 (Act No. 8 of 2019)


Interim Critical Infrastructure Protection Regulations, 2022

8. Assignment of functions by the Minister


(1) Where the Minister has assigned any function on the Council in terms of section 7(1)(c) of the Act, the Chairperson may, within 14 days of receipt of the assignment, call a special meeting of the Council if he or she is of the opinion that the matter is urgent.


(2) In the event that the Council takes a resolution that the matter cannot be dealt with at such special meeting of the Council, the Council—
(a) may resolve to consult any person within 14 days of the resolution referred to in subregulation (1) who, in the opinion of the Council, is sufficiently qualified and experienced to assist the Council to perform such function;
(b) must inform the Minister of such resolution within 14 days after adopting such resolution; and
(c) report on such matter in the bi-annual report to the Minister contemplated in section 7(6) of the Act.