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Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, 2019 (Act No. 8 of 2019)


Interim Critical Infrastructure Protection Regulations, 2022

10. Standing committees


(1) In order to function effectively and efficiently, the Council may, from time to time, adopt a resolution to designate suitably qualified and experienced members of the Council to form a standing committee to assist the Council in the performance of its functions.


(2) A resolution referred to in subregulation (1) must be in writing and clearly state—
(a) the terms of reference of the standing committee;
(b) the name of the convener of the standing committee; and
(c) the names of members designated to serve on the standing committee.


(3) A standing committee need not reflect the composition of the Council as contemplated in sections 4(2)(b) and 4(2)(c) of the Act.


(4) The object of a standing committee is to research or investigate matters of an ongoing nature or to collate information on standing matters related to its terms of reference and advise the Council on such matters for consideration at meetings of the Council.


(5) A standing committee must consider every matter and all relevant facts and factors pertaining to the matter and may, for this purpose, collate information, research any matter referred to it or consider any research that had previously been done on the subject matter, engage with any person or entity, or take any other reasonable action in the performance of the task assigned to it.


(6) A standing committee must, at each meeting of the Council, submit a report on its activities since the preceding meeting to the Council for consideration.


(7) A standing committee dissolves by resolution of the Council.