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Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, 2019 (Act No. 8 of 2019)

Chapter 3 : Declaration as Critical Infrastructure and Determination of Critical Infrastructure Complex

21. Certificate of declaration as critical infrastructure


(1) Where an infrastructure is declared a critical infrastructure, the Minister must issue a certificate of declaration, in the prescribed form and manner, to the person in control of that critical infrastructure, setting out—
(a) the risk categorisation as determined by the Minister;
(b) the premises or complex where the critical infrastructure is located;
(c) the conditions which the Minister may deem necessary to impose for purposes of securing the critical infrastructure; and
(d) whether information regarding security measures will be restricted.


(2) The Minister must issue a certificate for each of the premises on which any such critical infrastructure, forming part of a complex, is located.


(3) The certificate must be issued in the designation of the person in control of that critical infrastructure.


(4) Declaration as critical infrastructure does not exempt a person in control of critical infrastructure from having to comply with the provisions of any other law applicable to the critical infrastructure in question.


(5) The National Commissioner must enter the particulars of any declaration as critical infrastructure or the termination of such declaration, into the prescribed register, which must be accessible to the public in the prescribed manner or form.


(6) The Minister must, by notice in the Gazette, publish such particulars as may be prescribed regarding infrastructure which has been declared as critical infrastructure and when such declaration is terminated.