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Report 69 Business Practices Committee

7. The meeting with the Committee on 14 January 1999



At 10h55 on 14 January 1999, Venter, Swartz and Messrs P Pailman, S Ramatsoma and W Jones, representing ICSA, held discussions with the Committee. Venter addressed the Committee by speaking to a seven page document dated 11 January 1999 (the document of 11 January 1999). Two further documents were handed to the Committee. These were "The Inner Circle SA (ICSA). The Constitution" and "The Inner Circle SA (ICSA). The Franchise Manual".


The document of 11 January 1999 contained the following headings: Goals, Our product/service, Legal, Aim, R1 000 000 in one year! The benefits, The marketing strategy, The people, The backup team, The promoters and Conclusion.


Under "goals" it was stated:


"Our long-term goals are to re-unite the people of SA; to create relationships across the full spectrum of nationalities of our rainbow nation;


Our product will stimulate productivity;


Our Stokfel program will create job opportunities and stimulate the economy through the redistribution of wealth resources. The main aim of our Stokfel program is to create a balanced, more wealthier society - through the participation (contribution) of the people of SA, a better, healthier, wealthier society will be created".


In conclusion Venter stated:


"As the Chairman of ICSA, I petition the support of the South African BPC. I further urge the necessity of a calculated decision, since either a YES, or a NO will determine the future of our nation".


In answer to a question by a member of the Committee, Venter said that the "... marketing method of ICSA had not changed at all since the last meeting with the Committee". Venter was told that the Committee would recommend to the Minister that his (Venter's) business practices was not acceptable.