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Business Practices Committee Report 67

Zen-Corp International

Notice 163 of 1999



Department of Trade and Industry


Harmful Business Practices Act, 1988


I, Alexander Erwin, Minister of Trade and Industry, after having considered a report by the Business Practices Committee in relation to an investigation of which notice was given in General Notice No 2568 of 1998 published in Government Gazette No. 19363 of 23 October 1998, which report was published in Notice 162 in Government Gazette No. 19761 of 19 February 1999, and being of the opinion that a harmful business practice exists which is not justified in the public interest, do hereby exercise my powers in terms of section 12 (1) (b) and (c) of the Harmful Business Practices Act (Act No. 71 of 1988), as set out in the Schedule.



A Erwin

Minister of Trade and Industry





In this notice, unless the context indicates otherwise, "harmful business practice" means the business practice whereby Ulov Saber directly or indirectly, in respect of the advertising of his services as a debt recovery agent:

(i) distributes handbills or flyers or places advertisements containing words to the following effect: "Our methods are a direct physical approach. No letters of demand. No lengthy court cases. No wasted time. We do whatever it takes to get your money" and
(ii) does not comply with the provisions of the Committees' Consumer Code for Debt Recovery Agents.


1) The harmful business practice is hereby declared unlawful.
2) Ulov Saber is hereby directed to refrain from applying the harmful business practice.
3) This notice shall come into operation upon the date of publication hereof.