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Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Act, 2011 (Act No. 2 of 2011)



WHEREAS every person has the right to life and the right to security of the person, which includes, among other things, the right to be free from all forms of violence from either public or private sources;


AND WHEREAS the Constitution places a duty on the State to respect, protect, promote and fulfil the fundamental rights in the Bill of Rights;


AND WHEREAS the adequate protection, promotion and fulfilment of such rights are fundamental to the well-being and social and economic development of every person;


AND WHEREAS the Constitution provides for the police service to combat and investigate crime, to maintain public order, to protect and secure the inhabitants and their property, and to uphold and enforce the law throughout the territory of the Republic;


AND WHEREAS there is a need to promote democratic accountability, transparency and openness within the police service and to ensure co-operation between the police service and the communities it serves;


AND HAVING REGARD to section 208 of the Constitution, which stipulates that a civilian secretariat for the police service must be established by national legislation to function under the direction of the Cabinet member responsible for policing,


BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, as follows:—