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Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Act, 2011 (Act No. 2 of 2011)


Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Regulations, 2016

Chapter 2

9. Directives


(1) The Minister may, from time to time issue directives to the Secretary on matters relating to civilian oversight or policing.


(2) Any directive of the Minister must—
(a) be aligned to the mandate of the Civilian Secretariat;
(b) contain a clear terms of reference; and
(c) result in the Secretary submitting a report to the Minister and, where necessary, to Parliament with the approval of the Minister.


(3) This regulation is applicable to a provincial secretariat where the MEC issues such directives as he or she may be legally entitled to issue.


(4) The Secretary or the head of a provincial secretariat must ensure that the directives of the Minister or an MEC are complied with within a reasonable period.