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Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Act, 2011 (Act No. 2 of 2011)


Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Regulations, 2016

Chapter 9 : Co-Operative Framework

33. Functions of the Forum


(1) The Forum will serve as a consultative forum for the Secretary and heads of provincial departments to provide technical support to the Ministerial Executive Committee contemplated in section 27 of the Act.


(2) The Forum must seek to –
(a) promote uniform execution of the police civilian oversight mandate;
(b) promote the alignment of Civilian and provincial secretariats’ Strategic and Annual Performance Plans;
(c) consider legislation relating to, and impacting upon, policing and safety and security and to make contributions towards the development of such legislation;
(d) ensure the implementation of any matter referred to it by the Minister, an MEC or the Ministerial Executive Committee;
(e) perform any other function necessary to give effect to its objectives and mandate;
(f) refer any items to the Ministerial Executive Committee for discussion and decision;
(g) raise matters of national interest impacting on safety and security with relevant provincial departments and to hear their views on those matters;
(h) consult relevant provincial departments on—
(i) the development of national policy;
(ii) matters affecting policing and safety and security;
(iii) the implementation of national policy with respect to policing and safety and security;
(iv) the coordination and alignment of strategic and performance plans and priorities, objectives and strategies across national, provincial and local governments; and
(v) any other matters of strategic importance that affect the interests of the Civilian Secretariat and provincial secretariats; and
(i) discuss performance in the provision of policing services in order to detect failures and to initiate preventive or corrective