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Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Act, 2011 (Act No. 2 of 2011)


Civilian Secretariat for Police Service Regulations, 2016

Chapter 3 : Reports

11. Quarterly Reports of Civilian Secretariat


(1) Any quarterly report produced by the Civilian Secretariat in terms of section 13 of the Act must relate to all functional areas of the Civilian Secretariat and provincial secretariats in the conduct of its oversight functions.


(2) The report relating to the monitoring and evaluation function must include—
(a) an assessment of the performance of the police;
(b) an opinion on the operational conduct of the police service;
(c) a report on the achievements of the targets contained in its annual performance plans;
(d) the budget expenditure linked to the annual performance plans;
(e) a report as contemplated in section 34(7) of the Act on the progress made on the composition of provincial secretariats until all provincial secretariats have been composed ;
(f) a report on implementation by provincial secretariats of plans and operations aligned to that of the Civilian Secretariat; and
(g) any recommendations that are made to the Minister.


(3) The Secretary must ensure that a quarterly report of the Civilian Secretariat is compiled for submission to the Minister within one month after the end of the previous quarter for approval before it is submitted to Parliament.


(4) The Secretary may, notwithstanding this regulation, be requested at any time by the Minister or Parliament to provide interim reports, either verbally or in writing.