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Civil Proceedings Evidence Act, 1965 (Act No. 25 of 1965)


Laws Amended or Repealed


Laws Amended or Repealed


Province, Territory or Republic

No. and year of Law

Title or subject matter

Extent of amendment or repeal


Ordinance No. 72 of 1830.

Ordinance for altering, amending, and declaring in certain respects, the Law of Evidence within this Colony.

The whole repealed.

Ordinance No. 14 of 1846.

Ordinance for improving the Law of Evidence.

The whole repealed.

Act No. 4 of 1861.

The Law of Evidence Amendment Act, 1861.

The whole except sections eight and nine repealed.

Act No. 21 of 1877.

Bankers' Books Evidence Act, 1877.

The whole repealed.

Act No. 18 of 1891.

The Oaths and Declarations Act, 1891.

The whole repealed.


Law No. 17 of 1859.

To regulate the Law of Evidence in the Colony of Natal.

The whole repealed

Law No. 13 of 1862.

To make further provision in respect of the substitution, in certain cases, of Declarations for Oats.

The whole repealed except section four.

Law No. 5 of 1870.

To amend the Law of Evidence.

The whole repealed.

Law No. 6 of 1884.


To provide for the production in evidence of Copies, instead of Originals of Public Documents.

The whole repealed.

Orange Free State.

Ordinance No. 11 of 1902.

Law of Evidence Ordinance, 1902.

The whole except sections sixty and sixty-one repealed.



Proclamation No. 16 of 1902.

The Law of Evidence Proclamation , 1902.


The whole except sections forty-nine and fifty repealed.

South-West Africa.

Proclamation No. 21 of 1919.


Administration of Justice Proclamation, 1919.


Section three amended by the deletion in subsection (6) of the words "and evidence".

Proclamation No. 38 of 1920.

Further Administration of Justice Proclamation, 1920.

Section eleven amended by the deletion of the words "and evidence"

Proclamation No.  8 of 1938.

Proclamation and Evidence Proclamation, 1938.

Sections one, two, three and five repealed.


Act No. 46 of 1935.

General Law Amendment Act, 1935.

1. Section one hundred and one amended—
(a) by the deletion of subsections (1) and (2);
(b) by the substitution in subsection (3) for the words "proceedings, whether civil or criminal" of the words "criminal proceedings".


2. Section one hundred and three repealed.

Act No. 32 of 1952.

General Law Amendment Act, 1952.

Section twenty-six in so far as it relates to civil proceedings repealed.

Act No. 42 of 1952.

Presumption of Death of Soldiers Act, 1952.

The whole repealed.

Act No. 14 of 1962.

Evidence Act, 1962.

1. Section one amended by the deletion of the definition of "Republic".


2. Section two repealed.


3. Section four amended by the substitution for the word "legal" of word "criminal".


4. Section five amended by the substitution for the word "legal" of the word "criminal".


[Schedule amended by section 344 of Act No. 51 of 1977]