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Civil Proceedings Evidence Act, 1965 (Act No. 25 of 1965)

Part IV : Documentary Evidence (General Provisions)

18. Certified copies of or extracts from public documents admissible in evidence


(1) Whenever any book or other document is of such a public nature as to be admissible in evidence on its mere production from proper custody, any copy thereof or extract therefrom proved to be an examined copy or extract or purporting to be signed and certified as a true copy or extract by the officer to whose custody the original is entrusted, shall be admissible in evidence.


(2) Such officer shall furnish such certified copy or extract to any person applying therefor, upon payment of an amount in accordance with the tariff of fees prescribed by or under any law or, if no such tariff has been so prescribed, an amount in accordance with such tariff as the Minister in consultation with the Minister of Finance may from time to time determine.