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Carbon Tax Act, 2019 (Act No. 15 of 2019)

Part V : Miscellaneous

19. Regulations


The Minister must make regulations in respect of—

(a) the sector or sub-sector greenhouse gas emissions intensity benchmark for the purposes of symbol "A" in section 11(1);
(b) the manner of determining the amount of the trade exposure allowance contemplated in section 10; and
(c) carbon offsets contemplated in section 13 regarding—
(i) the projects or activities in respect of which an offset is generated;
(ii) the limitation on the carbon offset allowance;
(iii) offset duration periods;
(iv) the institution, board or body that must administer the offset allowance;
(v) the powers and responsibilities of the institution, board or body contemplated in subparagraph (iv);
(iv) the procedure that must be followed in claiming the offset allowance;
(vi) the records that must be kept in respect of administering the offset allowance; and
(vii) any other matter necessary for the regulation of the utilisation of the carbon offsets.