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Budget Speech 2021


Tito Titus Mboweni, MP



Minister of Finance



24 February 2021


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ISBN: 978‐0‐621‐49080‐0


RP: 07/2021


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Communications Directorate

National Treasury

Private Bag X115



South Africa


Tel: +27 12 315 5944

Fax: +27 12 406 9055


Budget documents are available at:



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Mr President


Mr Deputy President


Cabinet Colleagues


Governor of the South African Reserve Bank


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Members of the Executive Committees for Finance



1. Introduction

2. The Fiscal Framework

3. Economic Outlook

4. Progress on Economic Reforms

5. Medium Term Spending Plans and Job Creation

6. Debt Outlook

7. Tax Policy Changes

8. Division of Revenue

9. Social Development

10. African and Regional Economic Policy

11. Public Procurement and Zero-Based Budgeting

12. Addressing Corruption

13. Retirement Fund Reform

14. Summary of the Presentation on the Fiscal Strategy

15. Conclusion and Thanks

Summary of the National Budget